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Alan O’Neill – Removing Boulders

Vision Sunday

Ps Grant – Our posture positions us to walk as powerful witnesses.

Ps Abby – To be Seen in 2019 – Part 2

Rach Whelan – Purity

Ps Grant – Photo shop or Ultimate Makeover

Ps Abby – To be seen in 2019

Adam White – Be Filled

Steve Kennedy

Ps George Nsamba

Ps Grant – Freedom

Ps Abby – Getting Real with God

Tom McDowall – Circumstances

Ps Grant Purity to Purpose

Ps Abby – Be Filled and Receive

Ps Bruce McDonald – Sunday 21st Oct AM

Ps Abby – The Blame Game

Tania Harris – Sunday AM

Ps Abby – Breakthrough and Blessing

Danny Smith – New Creation Realities #1

Steve & Kathy King – Communication in Marriage Part 1

Steve & Kathy King – Communication in Marriage Part 2

Steve & Kathy King – Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

Tom McDowall – Fasting

Ps Abby – Living in the Light

Alan O’Neil – 24th June

Ps Grant – The Blessing of Brokenness

Ps Abby – Having a Healthy Self Worth

Ps Grant – 20th May 2018

Ps Abby – Mother’s Day Service

Daz Chattle – Sunday Evening Service

Daz Chattle – Sunday Morning

Rachael Whelan – Who Are We As Sons and Daughters in Christ?

Ps Grant – How’s your heart?

Ps Abby – Responding to Opposition

Ps Grant – The Transforming Power of Love

Kathy King – Stress and it’s affect on relationships

Kathy King – The creative Power of the Spoken Word

Kathy King – The Anointing of the Holy Spirit

Kathy King – Healing Insecurity

Ps Abby – Resting in God

Evan Thomas – Woman at the Well

Tom McDowall – Happiness/Blessed

Ps Grant – Focus, Flow and Overflow

Ps Abby – But God

Ps Grant – Jesus the Example and Empowerer

Rachael Whelan – Healing the Wounds in your Soul

Ps Abby – How to be more Passionate in 2018 (Jan 18)

Ps Grant – Step into a New Era (Jan 18)

John Steele – Kingdom Come Part 2 (Dec 17)

John Steele – Kingdom Come Part 1 (Dec 17)

Ps Grant – Sow to Reap (Nov 17)

Andy Galbraith – Child of God (Nov 17)

Ps Abby – Hide & Seek (Nov 17)

Ps Grant – The Seasons are Changing (Nov 17)