Next Level


Next Level is a place where there is high activity and games with great discussion and learning.  A place for Year 7-9 to be accepted and valued while learning about the God who values and accepts them.

The team is led by Isaac and Chrissy.  They are into crazy, fun AND keeping it real.

Next Level meet on Sundays during church time (except school holidays).

Once a year there is an action packed Next Level Camp that is not to be missed.  Outdoor adventure and skill building, making life-long friends and memories together, and finding God in the everyday living.  Talk to the team to make sure you put it in your calendar!


Isaac and Chrissyfamily

Isaac and Chrissy enjoy fun and being real with the youth where they are at.  They love seeing lives changing as God becomes more real.  Isaac and Chrissy have 3 children.