Liberty Kids

Liberty Kids is an energetic and action packed place for 6 year olds through to children in Year 6.  They have great games, worship and teaching with God at the centre of it all.

KFC performing 3 FS14The children are encouraged to learn memory verses and complete courses that give them understanding to Gods principles for their lives.

Kim is their loving leader with a great team with her each Sunday.  They are there each Sunday ready to build relationships with the children in a safe and fun environment so that the children can know that God is real.

Kim & Aaron

Kids Church-kim & aaron

Together they bring a different and important part to the team – fun, focus and friendship for the kids.  They have bot been involved with kids and Kids Church for many years, whether through their own children or volunteering and bring a wealth of knowledge, games and experience.  Plus many hugs!

To help Kim & Aaron there are as some Junior Leaders and Parents who work on a roster to support the program that is being taught.

 kids-church-3 Meet some of the fun God loving kids in KFC!