Kathy King Seminar

Kathy King Seminars

Kathy has an amazing way of understanding and communicating how our body, soul and spirit all work together.  She is an educator and therapist and has a desire to facilitate healing and healthy relationships in the lives of people.  Kathy has over 40 years of combined experience in teaching, leadership, conducting seminars and counselling.

We are excited to be able to host her here in our community for our community.  Please contact the church office if you are wanting to attend. (07) 307 1055 or

Free meetings & open to all:

Sunday 18th March 6pm - Healing Insecurity

Tuesday 20th March 7:30pm - Flowing in the Anointing

Thursday 22nd March 7:30pm - The Creative Power of the Spoken Word

Saturday 24th March Men’s Breakfast 7am - Stress and its Effects on Relationships.

Sunday 25th March 9:30am  – Unrolling the Scroll

Sunday 25th March 6pm - Gifts of Healing & Miracles

Tuesday 27th March 7:30pm - Operating in the Prophetic (Teaching & Practical)


Lives Transformed Counselling School 2018

30 Days to a Transformed Life

Monday 19th – Friday 23rd March, 9am – 3pm

30 Days to a Transformed Life focuses on information, insights and application that will transform your life.  The school explores keys to create a healthy and functional self.  It explores the neurological dynamics of your brain including emotions, perceptions, self-talk and core beliefs.  You will learn how to unlock the pathways of your brain and be equipped so you can transform your life by a 30 day process.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding Wholeness
  • Neurological Understanding of the Brain
  • The Authentic Self
  • Protective Defensive Mechanisms
  • Flying with Two Wings
  • Walking in Truth
  • The Miracle and the Process
  • 30 Days Processing to a Transformed Life

Cost: $400 p/p  (Talk to the church is you would like options regarding this.)

Includes manual & one counselling session.

To register or for more information: or (07) 307 1055


If you want to find out more feel free to visit her website:

Steve & Kathy King