As Jesus’ arms stretched out in love to each of us on the cross, so we are all called to stretch out our arms in love to those around us.  Community is about our arms reaching out to those around us; meeting needs, helping and sharing God’s love to all. hands-reaching-outreach image

Liberty Life Church is growing our reach and we have started with two amazing ministries: Taste & See and Street Ministry.  Check out below for an overview or click their links for further information.

We are blessed to be a blessing.


Taste & See Taste & See logo

Our heart is as we see people/families in need, each in our sphere of influence, we will reach out to them and bless and encourage them with a frozen meal or two.  We want to see families in our church and community blessed with our vision of building God’s Kingdom.

To do this we have generous people who donate items and/or donate their time.  You can be involved in any part of the process from cooking at home, joining a bulk cooking day, delivering meals, admin behind the scenes.  If you want to be involved please contact Karlene or the office for more information.

Taste & See Ministry


 Street Ministry  streetministry - keeping it real image

One of the tools God has given to us is our testimonies of God’s goodness, His unfailing love, His dependability, the list goes on.  It is our role to share this with others, to pray for them and give God room to impact, heal and do miracles in peoples lives.

Street Ministry is a team of people who are passionate about God and people and helping them to connect.

If you want to find out more contact the office.