Life in agreement with who you are – Ps Grant Bateson

Spoken 17 May 2015

Easter Service Message – Liberty Life Church

Easter Service message by Ps Grant and Abby Bateson. Spoken 5 April 2015.

I have decided – Ps Grant Bateson

Spoken 19 April 2015

Home is where the Heart is – Ps Grant Bateson

Spoken 22 March 2015

Greatest Command ~ following Jesus – Ps Grant Bateson

Messages by Ps Grant on our “Greatest Command – Following Jesus.” Spoken March 2015.

Communion – Ps Abby Bateson

Why should we still have communion? Spoken 20 Sept 2015

Why Follow Jesus – Ps Abby Bateson

  Beginning of the year message and then reasons why the disciples chose to follow Jesus.

Turn to Jesus – Ps Abby Bateson

Spoken Sunday 29th March 2015 What does it mean to turn to Jesus?

Least we forget – Ps Abby Bateson

Spoken Sunday 26 April 2015

God has not given us a spirit of fear – Ps Abby Bateson

Spoken Sunday 28 June 2015