John Whelan – Holy Spirit

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Spoken Sunday 24th April PM

Ps Abby – A time to Renew

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Spoken Sunday 3 April 2016

Abby Bateson – Is your life leading others to Jesus?

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Do you make each day and moment with others, ones that count for God? Listen to this challenging message. Spoken 29 Nov 2015

Ps Jim Shaw –

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How do we love our neighbour? Who is our neighbour? … Listen and  be challenged. Spoken Sunday 13th March 2016

Ps Abby Bateson – Where you sow is what will grow.

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How does muscle and fat have to do with God? How can we be strong in the Lord?  It’s all in here, have a listen. Spoken Sunday 13th March 2016.

Andy Galbraith – Praise & Worship

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Ever wondered what the difference between Praise and Worship was? What is the need for both and why should we use them? How do we understand the power behind them? Then listen to Andy …

Ps Grant – Road Blocks & Pathways – message 1

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Ps Grant is starting a series on Road Blocks and Pathways.  This is the first message in the series. It’s time to get free! Spoken 28/2/16

Abby – It’s a time to Rise up

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We are called for more and now is the time to rise up and make a difference. Spoken 21 Feb 2016

Leave a Legacy of Love – Ps Grant Bateson

Spoken 13 September 2015.

Power of Prayer – Ps Grant Bateson

Spoken 23 August 2015